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8 pallets of tents, sleeping bags and clothing for refugees in France

We would like to thank our friends at Asiyah - internationale humanitäre Hilfsorganisation and Jugendfreizeitstätte Planeto for their active support in our joint winter donation campaign for refugees. We were able to pass on 3 1/2 pallets full of winter clothing, sleeping bags and blankets to the NGO EKO / Low-tech with Refugees / Low-tech & Réfugiés which takes care of the refugees arriving in the French Alpine town of Briançon and is now distributing the items there.

Do you still have winter clothing for men to give away? The winter is long! We will be sending items again. So don't hesitate and contact us on WhatsApp at the following number to arrange an individual drop-off date: +49 176 60430290


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