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Maker Space Lesbos

The Maker Space project teaches refugees technical skills. In addition to imparting knowledge, the focus is on repairs, e.g. of bicycles, and the production of objects that make everyday life easier.

Project launch: 2018


Andreas Müller-Hermann, together with the NGO Low-Tech Lab in Concarneau, France, started the project "Low-Tech with Refugees", now "Maker Space Lesbos", in 2018. Marjolaine Bert came to Lesvos on behalf of Low-Tech Lab and stayed on the ground for almost a year, setting up Maker Space Lesvos. This has since become a separate French NGO that continues to run the project.


The Meaalofa Foundation is associated with the project and supports it.

Further links to Maker Space Lesbos

Website Maker Space Lesbos

Here you find further information and news about the project.


A short film about the Maker Space from 2019


Watch the film on YouTube  (Subtitles available)

News from the Maker Space Lesbos

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