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Centre of Resilience

We support a local NGO in Arra, Bihar, which runs a social centre and is working on new solutions to protect itself against the increasingly frequent and severe flooding. To this end, a village is being designed that floats during floods.

Arra (Bihar), India

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The background to the project


Through the collaboration on Lesbos, we came into contact with two extraordinary people: Ben and Prashant. One is a teacher, "community organizer" and musician from Canada and the other an upcycling artist and engineer from India. Together they have made a journey from India to Scotland on their motorcycles and have been involved in various social projects along the way, including Lesvos. On this tour they also founded the CENTRE OF RESILIENCE in Arra, Bihar, which they continue to run. Arra is the home of Prashant and is located in Bihar, one of the most deprived regions of India. Bihar is a very poor state in northeast India with a population of about 128 million. Due to climate change and the resulting melting glaciers in the Himalayas, the large rivers coming from Nepal cause massive flooding. Every year, millions of people lose their homes.


The CENTRE OF RESILIENCE tries to help directly, among other things through education, agricultural projects and emergency aid during the floods. For some time now, there has been a forward-looking project for flood protection:


Photos from the Centre of Resilience

The floating houses of Bihar

A floating village is designed and then actually built. The new houses there will not be washed away in the event of a flood but will float on the surface of the water and land back on the ground once the water has drained away. After the test phase, villages of this type are to be built in large numbers, making people more independent of weather conditions once again. If this system works, it could pave the way for similar projects and be used worldwide in regions threatened by flood disasters.


The Meaalofa Foundation gGmbH cooperates with the CENTRE OF RESILIENCE and also supports the center financially.


The first floating house was inaugurated in November 2023.

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The Bihar Center of Resilience

The Center of Resilience was designed and built to support the local people in Bihar.  

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