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Housing, Mediation and Education for Refugees

With the HoMER project, we support refugees in finding accommodation and help them in a variety of ways in their everyday lives, for example with registering their children in schools or visiting doctors and lawyers.

Athens, Greece

Project start: 2020

Image by Savvas Kalimeris

The background of the project

The situation for refugees in Athens is very difficult, often desperate. People who have received asylum immediately lose all state support. But at this time they don't even have the necessary papers to be able to work. It can take twelve months or more to get these documents. During this period, it is not possible to get a job and build an independent life. Given the crisis-ridden economic situation in Greece, it is often difficult even for Greeks to find a job. Of course, this is even more true for refugees, most of whom have yet to acquire the necessary language and professional qualifications.


If they were previously living in a camp or government housing, they lose that space immediately upon receiving their asylum decision. The state housing programs were almost all completely closed by the end of 2022 anyway.


Since there are no job opportunities and no financial support from government agencies and the necessary papers are missing, there is also no possibility to find an apartment. Here the circle closes: Without a Greek tax number it is completely impossible to rent an apartment and without an apartment it is not possible to obtain a tax number. Then again, it is not possible to take up employment without a tax number. Many people with asylum decisions therefore live on the streets, in the parks or in disastrous private mass accommodations in some basements.

This is where the HoMER project starts:

The HoMER project organizes free accommodation for the refugees for a limited period of time. In addition, we offer various forms of assistance: For example, we help with the registration of the children in schools and kindergartens, accompany them to doctor's visits and lawyers and also help in other ways in everyday life. If we cannot provide support ourselves, we try to refer to other NGOs in our network in Athens.

We expect the people we support to participate, within their means, in the language courses and further training we offer. We also expect that the beneficiaries who experience solidarity are willing to give something back to the other refugees to a certain extent by volunteering in projects of friendly NGOs.

On the one hand, we provide direct and immediate assistance in an emergency situation; on the other hand, our goal is to help beneficiaries become independent and gradually integrate into the Greek society. This includes preparation for the labor market and assistance in finding a job. Here, too, we work together with NGOs specializing in this area.

News from our project HoMER

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