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The mangroves are growing

Malizia Mangrove Park

The mangroves planted in Mangihay, Mati, are the protection belt for the remaining mangrove that stands there. We planted the ones shown in the photo in early 2021. They were about 25 centimetres tall when planted. At 1.72 meters, Ace is certainly not a giant, but it is clear that the mangroves are now 1.50 meters tall, even though the seabed is very rocky and the planters had to put a lot of effort into placing the seedlings.

Repairing nature is not free, but it is bearable. We always find a lot of helping hands, but our concept for Malizia Mangrove Park is consistently set up so that the planters benefit from the beginning. This includes proper payment for the mangroves planted, which are also raised by the fishing families. The photo shows Mama Earth forester Jolly Balili making the disbursement. The seedlings are counted by the students of the university and again by our hosts after planting. This way there can be no misunderstandings. Every amount helps to plant more mangroves, which not only helps nature to regenerate but also brings a lot of work and income to remote places.


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