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The plantings on Guang Guang have been completed

Malizia Mangrove Park

Now that the Guang Guang nature reserve peninsula is completely planted, the planting continues in a part of Pujada Bay whose ridge is called the "Sleeping Dinosaur". However, the viewer has to use a lot of imagination to recognize this shape from a bird's eye view. Although Mati is slowly becoming a tourist hotspot, in these villages everything goes its traditional way. Certainly also because the small villages are not easy to reach. The way from the road to the coast is often almost impassable after heavy rains. For this reason alone, the boat remains the most popular means of transportation here. First, the mangrove islands are to be connected, and then planting will be done further out to sea to better protect the villages and increase the fish population. It is always important to leave access points for the fishermen to land their catches.

The photo above shows the last working day of our mangrove planters in the Guang Guang Nature Reserve, which is part of the Malizia Mangrove Park. Although Typhoon Odette caused stormy weather and heavy rains in some parts, we managed to fulfil our planting schedule. Starting in 2022, planting will continue in Pujada Bay, where we will establish the first nurseries in January. There is still a long way to go to reach the first million, but we are sure to pass the 500,000 hurdles before the end of February 2022. Please support us in this endeavour.


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